Conference 2018

I can personally say that SGMUN has been one of the best conferences I have ever been to! The whole organization was amazing, and the secretariat was always really professional and ready to help. Also, the committees were truly interesting and well prepared, and the chairs were super friendly. In addition, the socials were great and allowed us not only to meet new people but also to get to know St. Gallen. The JCUMUN delegation and I totally recommend this conference if you want to learn, have lots of fun and eat delicious food!
— Carlos Salas Villanueva
The moment you’re applying for something in Switzerland, you know that you did not make a mistake. A country, in which everything works perfectly cannot let you down in four days of conference. But, SGMUN surpassed all my expectations! It was like four days in a fairy-tale, doing something you really, really like.
For the people who organized it, I know that it took a lot of will, work, effort, and especially the desire to gather so many people in a small town at the end of November.
The conference, the committees and the topics are something that will surely attract you to apply, but the people who have organized SGMUN 2018 and their unbelievable energy that has all rolled up is something that has already convinced me to participate again next year.
— Alexandra Milosevic
I had the privilege to attend the beautiful cold city of St. Gallen (for the second time in a row), and after attending different conferences in Europe for the past two years, I can tell you that SGMUN is certainly one of the best ones out there. From the high-level debates, to the wonderful secretariat who took care of all our needs, including great socials and delicious fondue; and don’t let me start taking about the open bar…
I would recommend it to anyone practicing MUN , wishing to expand their networks, and enhancing their diplomatic skills, to come to this wonderful conference! You can thank me later.
— Shai Hillel
 Passionate debates, controversial topics, warm glühwein, stunning views, cold feet, sleepless nights and MUN ties. Traveled to the middle of nowhere with strangers and left with a new happy place and a million new connections. You know it’s been a good conference when the comedown hits you hard. No matter the level of your committee, the quality of the content in the debates will surprise you. You get there thinking about learning how to MUN, and you leave with the intention to start a new masters’ degree – which you will have forgotten by the third hour of the open bar social. At SGMUN, you’ll find a group of like-minded people, some dreamy and adventurous change-makers. Do yourself a favor and apply to be a part of this.
— Virginia Debernardi