Words of Welcome

Dear future Chairs and Delegates,

We live in a time where the importance of diplomacy seems to be wearing off to the benefit of the loudest. A time, where countries question their national identity and divide the World instead of working together. A time, where people think back to past glories instead of looking towards the future with prosperous ideas. A time, where the comfort of protectionism seems to overwhelm the efforts  in multilateral excellence.

In this context, what does a small conference, in a small Swiss city have to say? After the successes of last years’ editions, we faced a fundamental query: Do we want to grow? The question was originally limited to the mere amount of delegates, but it raised a number of additional, deeper issues. What does it mean to grow at a conference, both as a delegate and as an individual?

We came to an unequivocal answer: Exchange. What makes these few days special is the contact with other people from all around the world, with different backgrounds, different perspectives and different ideas. It is the experience that every participant shares with their fellow chairs and delegates. It is the excitement at the beginning, the heat of the debates, the amusement of the social events, the effort of the final negotiations, and lastly the joy, the satisfaction of what has been achieved.

From the beginning to the end of the conference, our desire is to create a space where you , with your personality, your ideas and your contribution, can make all of this happen. We decided to do this our way, and offer you a small conference with hopefully special experiences and unique moments. At SGMUN, you will be in a little Alpine city, surrounded by mountains and at a stone’s throw away of Lake Constance. Moving between the debating sessions, the ceremonies, the social nights and your residence, you will get to explore, together with your fellows, the streets and corners of one of the most beautiful cities our small country has to offer.

To organize this project for you, is an incredible honor. We are putting all of our efforts in making your stay an experience you will keep in good memory.

It is therefore with the utmost delight that we invite you to our conference, here in St. Gallen. Let us work together towards excellence.

Sincerely yours,

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Cédric P.M.J. Schad

Secretary General

SGMUN Conference 2019


Lorenzo Tanzi

Deputy Secretary General

SGMUN Conference 2019