Travel Information

General Information


In Switzerland sockets of the type J (also known as SEC 1011) are used. If you are not sure whether your electronic devices, especially your chargers, are compatible with that standard, bring an adapter with you!


St. Gallen is located at 669 meters altitude. It is also known as the Swiss city with the worst weather: It is generally cloudy if not raining and windy. Since we are at the end of autumn/beginning of winter, make sure to bring warm clothes with you!


The official currency of the country is Swiss Francs (CHF). Even though it is possible to pay by card in most places, there might be some where it is not. In any case, bring some cash with you, especially coins that you can use to buy tickets for public transport.


St. Gallen is easy accessible via different kinds of transportation such as train, plane or car.

Via train

You can take the train to St. Gallen Railway Station which will bring you directly into the heart of St. Gallen. For further information regarding your personal travel you can use the website of the SBB our national train company.

Via plane

The airport Zurich is only one hour by train or car away from St. Gallen. There is a direct train between Zurich airport and St. Gallen Railway Station twice every hour that costs 28 CHF. You can purchase the tickets online via the SBB website or directly at the airport.

Furthermore you have the possibility to fly to Basel EuroAirport that is around 3 hours away by train. The tickets for this train connection cost around 65 CHF they can also be purchased via the SBB website or directly at the airport.

Via car

If you want to arrive via car you can take the A1 motorway that brings you into the center of St. Gallen. To use the motorway you need to have a vignette that can be bought at the border. For further information regarding the parking situation in St. Gallen you can use the website of the town St. Gallen.


Do I need a visa to visit Switzerland?

Please check with the Embassy of Switzerland in your country for the newest and most accurate information.

In most cases, citizens from most North American and European countries are able to enter Switzerland with a three-month tourist visa, which is granted upon arrival. For further information, please visit the website of the ministry of foreign affairs (click here for further information). You can also find an updated list of visa requirements for Switzerland by clicking here.

I need to apply for a visa, what do I have to do?

Please contact the Embassy of Switzerland in your country for assistance.

Can SGMUN assist in the visa application process?

Once you have registered and paid for the conference through MyMUN, the Secretariat can support your visa application with a letter stating that you will be attending the conference. To receive such a letter, please contact, where our USG of Chairs and Delegates will assist you.

We highly recommend you complete registration and apply for your visa as soon as possible.