European Council 

For the second time, the SGMUN Conference will be hosting the very popular European Council committee. As Head of State or Head of Government of an EU member state, you will have the opportunity to negotiate on climate change and other topics dividing – or uniting – the European Union. In this powerful committee, negotiation and consensus stand in the centre, making the implementation of solutions all the more challenging and interesting. Prepare your inner politician!

A deeper and fairer internal market

How and where the European Council can manage issues regarding the function of the single market, such as: investment opportunities, labor mobility, a collaborative economy and more. The Council would also touch upon the fundamental issues that concerning the single market like: free movement, competition law and intellectual propery. On the practical part: the digital single market, monitoring it and non-discrimination. On the social elements: with the collaborative economy, encouraging people to work with each other and transparency. Lastly the political elements with: how much involvement there should be, who should have which rights and to what extent, and more.